What the children say about our school....

Y6 –

‘All the teachers are fair with everyone.’

‘I love the ‘mild, spicy and hot’ challenges we get, They really make you think hard.’

‘Our new targets are really helpful.’


Y5 –

‘Our teacher tells us, it’s not a mistake, it’s something to learn from and she says there’s no such thing as a silly answer.’

‘All our teachers and the people in school are kind and helpful.’

‘Our teachers give us rewards when we’ve worked hard and tried our best.’


‘We get a good education for our future here and anything is possible.’

‘I feel much safer now the new fence is up.’

‘We know what to do to improve our work, ‘we are given plenty of time to correct it or make it better.’

Y3 -

‘We always know exactly what we need to do because the teacher makes it easy to understand.’

‘Before we go off into our groups the teacher gives us lots of examples to help us understand, so we always know what to do.’