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Uniform Ordering

Step 1 - School Uniform Online – Please follow these instructions first

In order to facilitate the ordering of school uniform we have established a link with an online uniform provider meaning that school items can now be purchased as and when required. Please register with the company by e-mailing info@sitesupplyco.com stating your name, e-mail address and the school name. You will then receive your personal login details and a set of easy step instructions – see below - of how to place an order. All orders will be sent to school, individually packed and labelled and distributed via the child in the usual way.

Step 2 - How to order your school uniform online

Step 1: Logging In

Go to www.hivis.net/b2b. Click on your school logo located at the bottom of the page. Log into your account using your personal login details.

Step 2: Select your products

The page for your school only displays items approved for you to purchase. Enter the quantity, select the size and add to your basket each item you require. Click ‘view basket’ when finished.

Step 3: Proceed to Checkout

Please review your basket and click ‘proceed to checkout’ if you are happy the order is correct. Please click the ‘continue shopping’ button if you wish to add more items.

Step 4: Checkout – Delivery Addresses

The billing address on the left hand side of the page is already populated so please do not change it. Check the box at the top of the shipping address column which says ‘ship to my billing address’, both sides of the page should now have the schools address visible.

Please enter the first name and surname of your child into the appropriate sections marked ‘name of student”.

Now you may click the green ‘continue to order confirmation’ button at the bottom left of the page.

Step 5: Checkout – Order Confirmation

This is your last chance to review all the details of your order. Continue by clicking the green ‘pay by credit/debit card’ button in the bottom left of the screen and enter your card details as requested.

Step 6: Order Confirmation

That’s it – you’re done. This page confirms your order has been placed and advises of your unique order identification number. Your order will also be confirmed by e-mail.

Step 7:

Your order will be delivered to your school within ten working days and available for collection.

 Order Progress / History

You can view the status of your order at anytime by logging in to your account and clicking the ‘Order History’ button located just below you logo on the right hand side of the page.

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