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Autumn Term 

Please see the unit plans for the autumn term below. 

We are learning to...

  • Counting on to 10 or 20 and counting back from 10 or 20.


  • Compare amounts within 10 and 20 using mathematical symbols.
  • Recall all number bonds within 10. 
  • Record calculations using + , - and =. 
  • Adding and subtracting using a numberline. 

Spring Term

We are learning to ...

  • Add and subtract within 20

Add by counting on
Find & make number bonds
Add by making 10
Subtraction – Not crossing 10
Subtraction – Crossing 10 (1)
Related facts
Compare number sentences 

  • Understand place value to 50

Numbers to 50
Tens and ones
Represent numbers to 50
One more one less
Compare objects within 50 
Compare numbers within 50 
Order numbers within 50
Count in 2s
Count in 5s 

  • Understand the concepts of weight and volume

ntroduce weight and mass
Measure mass
Compare mass
Introduce capacity and volume
Measure capacity
Compare capacity


Summer Term 

We are learning to ...

  • Multiply and Divide

Make equal groups

Add equal groups

Make arrays

Make doubles


  • Fractions

Find a half

Find a quarter


  • Place value to 100

Counting to 100

Partitioning numbers (tens and ones)

Comparing numbers

Ordering numbers

One more and one less


  • Money

Recognising coins

Recognising notes

Counting coins


  • Time

Before and after


Time to the hour

Time to the half hour

Writing time

Comparing time


Click on the links below to continue our learning at home. These are some fun online resources. 



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