‘Roots to grow; wings to fly’


In Brambles class we are learning to:

  • Join some of our letters when writing
  • Use sentences with different forms: statement, question, exclamation, command
  • Use and, so, but and or to join sentences
  • Use when, if, that and because to add detail to our sentences
  • Use a comma in a list sentence
  • In most sentences use capital letters and full stops and use question marks correctly when required 
  • Use epanded noun phrases to describe - (for example, the blue butterfly)
  • Use tense accurately and consistently
  • Edit and improve our work by reading out loud and making changes


Click on the pictures below to play grammar, punctuation and spelling games. 


Phonics Play

Here are some links to free online e-books and reading games. 


Reading books are changed every Monday and Thursday. Your child will have the same book over three nights. This is very important to help them to read independently. 

Day 1 - Talk about the book together, look at the pictures and talk about any new or tricky words. Give your child lots of encouragement and help. 

Day 2 - Practice the tricky words before you begin. Let your child read and give them time to self-correct. Ask questions about the book. 

Day 3 - Encourage your child to read independently, fluently and with lots of expression. 

Reading Autumn Term

In our Reading lessons we are learning to find answers to questions using what we have read to help us. 

Reading Spring Term 

In our Reading lesson we have been looking for clues to help us understand or explain a character's actions/feelings. 

Reading Summer Term 

We will sequence events and develop our vocabulary. The class will continue to use inference and reterival in our Reading lessons. 


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