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Sports day arrangements

Date: 25th Jun 2018 @ 4:10pm

Sports Day


Organisation because of the Heat


The staff are mindful that because of the heat we may need to modify tomorrow’s plans. We did not want to cancel sports day as we know many of you have arranged time off from work.



  1. Extra water has been provided by the SPA (Many thanks for this)
  2. Teachers will take their classes for a snack/ break indoors
  3. Indoor space will be provided for lunchtime in the community space and the Hall (lunch tables will be put out for this purpose) should you want a break from the sun
  4. Gazebos are being set up to provide outdoor shelter- children will be sat in the shade in the morning and we hope to have most of the stations for the afternoon with a sheltered space.



Please ensure that you send your child in with sun cream applied, a full water bottle and a sun hat.



Access for parents to the school field will be via the field gates at the top of the field (near rookery drive). This will be the only entrance and exit point and will be manned by school staff.


Toilet facilities for adults will be in the community room.


Adults who are staying for picnic lunch will be asked to collect their child from their class line once the children have been to the toilet, washed their hands and collected their lunch.

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