‘Roots to grow; wings to fly’

Perseverance and Resilience

Date: 21st Jan 2018 @ 5:59pm

I hope you have all had a good weekend, despite the tremendous amount of rain and sleet we seem to have had. Let's hope that we begin to see an up turn in the weather this week which will enable the children to be outside in the fresh air at break time and also we can see continued progress on the school extension.

I would like to apologise for the lack of newsletter on Friday. Unfortunately we were missing Mrs Jones last week , who is the driving force behind our newsletter and I was busy answering phones and the door as a consequence. I hope normal service will be resumed this week and that Mrs Jones is soon feeling better.

Value of the Month The values of the month for January are perseverance and resilience. These are important learning behaviour and, indeed, life skills. We are focusing on encouraging the children to persist with their efforts, even if they are struggling, or fail initially. In assembly we have looked at some people who have done just this. It fascinated the children to hear that Michael Jordan was dropped from his basketball team and Walt Disney was sacked from his job as a newpaper cartoonist as he "lacked imagination". We encourage the children to ask for help from others and seek other ways of achieving their ambitions. Robert the Bruce, inspired by observing a spider trying to spin a web, was said to have told his troops, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again." Resilience is a value that goes hand in hand with perseverance. It is all about not being knocked back by failure and developing the ability to bounce back from difficult experiences. We would love to hear of any stories which are pertinent to you about these values. Share them with your children as it helps for them to see that life is full of ups and downs.

Maths Informtion Evening

Following the success and popularity of last term's spelling and phonics evening, we are holding a Maths Information Evening on Wednesday 31st January 2018. We welcome Toni Reid who is a Maths consultant for First4Maths and who has worked with the school over the last 16 months developing reasoning across the school. We will start at 6pm with a session in the hall on addition and subtraction and then follow up with workshops and information in classrooms. We hope you can join us for the event. Next week, we will send this information home on a letter so that we can gauge support for the evening and it will help us prepare materials for the evening to help you support your children at home.

Wellies and Water bottles

Although the rain that we have had over the last 48 hours will have undoubtedly made the field very boggy, I am praying that given a few dry days, we can try to get out on the our school field. Please continue to send your child in with suitable, robust outside shoes to enable them to make the most of this.

Please also make sure that your child has a named water bottle (which is freshly filled) in school every day. It is important to keep children hydrated as it has proven benefits on their learning behaviour as well as other health benefits. Although we are currently without the water filter, we do refill the bottles for those that drink all their water, but it would help us if they came in clean and full. Some children don't have bottles and so we are trying to give them cups of water but they can't have these with them in the classroom as they tend to spill them on their work. Thank you for your support.

Looking forward to another great week in school. I am expecting to see some progress on the develpment of the inside of school following work carried out over the weekend. Fingers crossed!

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