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Headteacher's update

Date: 7th Sep 2017 @ 2:18pm

Friday 8th September 2017

We have had another lovely day in school, with the children becoming increasingly familiar with their new surroundings and getting to know their teachers. If you have received the newsletter, you will be aware that we are holding a "Meet the Teacher" event next Wednesday with times at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm to enable you to receive information about routines for this year (although there will be some changes with the construction work) and give you the opportunity to have a look at the school and see the progress made so far. We very much look forward to meeting you but if this is difficult due to work commitments, we will upload the presentations to the website.

We have once again repaired the damage to the fence that occured on Thursday night to enable the children to have a day playing on the field. Many thanks to those who have been able to send in additional outdoor footwear such as wellies. It has meant that the children could go on the field even after the grass had been cut. One child said to me today, "I wish it could always be like this, I want to have more time on the field and less time on the playground." That's one request I can grant due to the amount of space the construction site currently occupies!

Following adviice from CWAC, we are putting laminated signs on the fence to make the community aware that the temporary Heras fencing on the field is necessary due to the expansion scheme and building works which currently occupy almost the entire playground. It is vital to ensure the safety of the site and in order to create a safe area for school children to play/ exercise during breaks and PE lessons.

Yesterday, Governors and I received lots a positive feedback about the addition of this blog, so I hope you continue to find it useful. Last night I downloaded an app for School Spider (which is free) and might be useful to you too. Once the app is downloaded, you choose Tattenhall Park Primary from the drop down menu and I think it will send you notifications to your phone also.

Please bear with us while we update the website. The staff are being trained in a couple of weeks and at the moment I am teaching myself how to do things. We would be pleased to hear of any additional things you would like to see and hope that in time this becomes a main source of information and will reduce the amount of paper newsletters we need to send.

Its going to be busy onsite for the contractors next week. I understand that they plan to complete the ceiling in the main corridor over the weekend and start to lay the vinyl floor next week (after school) and complete the kitchen area (for food technology). They are also progressing the work on the year 2 and 3  and will be soon laying the slab for the extension. I will update you in due course as I know more.

From next Monday we are going to trial new drop off arrangements for reception and nursery. Please enter the school grounds via the new temporary gate at the rear of the school (by the apple tree) and come to the classroom via the channel. This will enable you to enter the classroom with the children. Collection for reception and nursery, at the end of the day, will be from the hall.

All other year groups will be the same as this week.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and I hope you enjoy the opening event for the new playground.


Thursday 7th September 2017

It has been so exciting to welcome the pupils back to school today after yesterday's "false start". I apologise sincerely for the inconvenience and distress that this will have caused but unfortunately the issue was out of our hands. Thanks very much for bearing with us and thank you also to the contractors who worked tirelessly to find a solution to the problem.

As you will be aware, there has been significant works undertaken this year to reorganise the internal layout of the school and to commence works on the extension and conversion of the pool building. As is often the case, there were some hitches along the way including the discovery of additional steel columns which support the roof and therefore new steel "girders" (I'm no builder so forgive any technical errors) had to be manufactured which delayed the completion of some of the works in classrooms in phase 1. To overcome this, some work in phase 2 was commenced to ensure that there were sufficient teaching spaces available for September. As a result, some classes are in temporary classrooms for about two weeks (Year 2 and 3) and EYFS will be relocated again into their new space in the extension. All that said, it is amazing how different and spacious the school feels already and we are so excited to see the transformation into our new school over the forthcoming weeks.

I would like to say a massive thanks to Lancaster Maloney (architect company) and Whitfield and Brown (construction company) for their hard work and dedication over the last six weeks. Nothing has been too much trouble, they are always ready to listen to our thoughts and ideas and have worked hard to ensure that all the snags were attended to. Thanks too, to the staff team who have really pulled together to create teaching spaces and support each other to prepare for the children returning to school. We have all been cleaning and moving furniture and resources around to ensure that the school is fully functional. This has been a physically exhausting start to the term but they have remained upbeat and positive about all the changes.

You may be aware that whilst the school was closed last night, there has been some damage to several of the temporary fence panels and also a deliberate attempt to move and de-stablise the perimeter fencing. This is obviously a serious concern for all the staff and I am sure you as parents. We have reported the incident to Cheshire Police (as it is a criminal offence) who will increase the patrols. School staff and the site manage for Whitfield and Brown will undertake daily checks on site security. We have been advised to continue to report incidents should they occur in the future. Despite the field being checked and enclosed yesterday, we have again had to remove dog faeces from the field. This is very disappointing too. I would like to reassure all parents that the children's health and safety, happiness and wellbeing remains our highest priority and you will be aware that we are looking for more permanent solutions to mitigate these risks and additional measures to deter people from undertaking such mindless acts which put the children at risk.

Despite this, we have replaced the panels and re-secured the perimeter which has enabled the children to have a lovely day enjoying the new play space. Given that I have now been in post a full year, it has been lovely to see them running around playing games such as tag and hide and seek; foraging around for leaves and acorns and being much more active than break times last year. Many children have come to say how much they have enjoyed it- "It’s lovely to have so much space.”; "We are playing cops and robbers!"; "Look at all these acorns we've got!" Some children were worried that if it rains we may not allow them on the field but providing it’s not too slippy, I would like to see this continue for as long as is practically possible as it has so many obvious benefits for the children. It would be a great help if you could please send in wellington or sturdy outside shoes which you do not mind them getting muddy.

Collection this afternoon will be from the same entrances as you dropped off. We will review this procedure and I will update you via the website.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Update with regard to the opening of Tattenhall Park Primary School

Thursday 7th September 

We have had a super day! For dismissing the children we will take them to where they entered school:

Hall- Nursery, reception and Year 2

Front entrance- Year 1 and Year 3

Year 5 door- Years 4,5,6

Please collect your younger children first and the stafff will keep hold of the children until you arrive. For a more detailed update please see my new blog. Either follow this link HEADTEACHER'S BLOG or go to school blogs at the top of the web page. Many thanks!

17.28pm Update- both hot and cold water has been restored to school. We are very pleased to say that school will be open tomorrow morning and we are excited to welcome the children back. Many thanks to you all for your support and patience today.

4.52pm Update- Cold water has been restored so the toilets are now flushing. The pupil handbasins have mixer taps which are not functioning at the moment. CWAC have informed us that this is important for hand washing. Plumbers are working to resolve the hot water issue now. Update in 1 hour.

3.30pm Although water has not yet been restored to school, the contractors are working very hard to resolve the problem. Currently, they have not been able to guarantee this 100% for tomorrow. We will update you by 4.30pm with more news. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and upset this will cause but unfortunately this is out of our control.

Pupil Entrances
Hall Door- Before and after school clubs (from 7.45am); reception, nursery and Year 2 children.
Front Door (Main Entrance by school office)- Year 1 and Year 3
Year 5 classroom door (via black gate from footpath)- Year 5, 4 and 6 children.

Children’s cloakrooms are now in classrooms.

Health and Safety of Pupils
Please be reassured that pupil safety is our highest priority, but works on site are scheduled to continue until the end of February 2018. Contractors will be separated from pupils during the school day using barricades (temporary walling) and Herras fencing. If essential access within school is required, contractors will be supervised by DBS staff.

Please be reassured that the school has also been visited by Eric Burt, who is team lead for Health and Safety for CWAC. He has confirmed " site was as safe and healthy as could reasonably be expected." We have explained interim risk assessments. for example, in case of fire, and he has been satisfied with all measures in place. The only outstanding concern is the water supply to school.

Temporary Herras fencing is being erected to ensure safe movement of pupils onto the school field and to ensure that children have a safe and secure play space during the school day. Please note that this is essential as there is very little play area on the playground.

Outside shoes /wellies will be required, sent in a named plastic bag.

Please ensure all required medication- for example, Epipens, Ventolin etc is returned to school tomorrow morning.

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