‘Roots to grow; wings to fly’

Enthusiasm and Enjoyment

Date: 1st Feb 2018 @ 5:08pm

  Our monthly values for February are Enthusiasm and Enjoyment and they are particularly important in terms of ensuring that the children of Tattenhall Park Primary are happy at school and enjoy their learning. We will be looking for people who spread their enthusiasm for and love of learning with others. As staff plan their lessons, they think about creating memorable experiences, such as Year 2's recent visit to the Weaverhall Museum, where they shared their extensive knowledge of The Great Fire of London. Mrs Andrews, who accompanied the children and is also a school Governor, was very impressed with the children, both in terms of their fascination with the topic and also the children's excellent behaviour.

It is Year 5's turn on Monday, as they will be visiting Jodrell Bank, to explore the Planetarium and to learn about being an astronaut and surviving in space. The topic has already captured their interest with some children harbouring desires to be astronauts.

A group of our Y6 have been very busy organising Tattenhall's Got Talent and the preliminary auditions are scheduled to start next week. There is much excitement rippling around school as we prepare for this big celebration of the children's wide array of talents and skills.

Last night, our Maths Information Evening was very well attended. The staff shared reasoning activities with parents in the classroom followed by a presentation in the hall led by Toni Reid, who is a maths consultant with First 4 maths and has worked with the staff at our school over the last 16 months. Toni shared lots of information about the methods and vocabulary used in the teaching of maths today and also gave lots of useful tips and resources ideas that would be easy to create at home. Thank you to both the staff and to Toni for making the evening so useful and enjoyable.

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