‘Roots to grow; wings to fly’

Digging for Dinosaurs

Date: 26th Jan 2018 @ 5:03pm

A few days ago Mark the builder came to class to say that he had found something whilst they were digging in the building work. So we headed outside to see what he had found... there were two huge bones! The children debated what they could be from. Was it a dog, or a horse or maybe even... A DINOSAUR! We brought the bones inside to investigate and look at them further using magnifying glasses. We carefully looked, examined and measured the bones to make a judgement. Arthur thought they could be from a pterodactyl because there was a sticking out bit that could be the start of a wing. Sam thought they could be from a T-Rex because they had short arms and these bones were not long enough to be from their legs. Imogen found a red mark and thought that it was from a T-Rex who had bitten the dinosaur! There were so many wonderful ideas. The children wanted to find out more about dinosaurs so we started our topic.

We learnt about lots of different dinosaurs, some that we already knew (such as T-Rex and an apatosaurus) and some new ones (like anklyosaurus and spinosaurus). We found out what their different body parts were, labelling diagrams to help us remember, and discussed why they had these different features such as spikes, sharp teeth or two legs. We then sorted and compared the dinosaurs based on these characteristics and found out that they ate different things. Some were plant eaters (herbivores) so "they have long necks to reach the top of tall trees" Lochy, and some were meat eaters (carnivores) and they had "two legs so they can run fast to catch their prey" Flo. Finally we also realised that the herbivores were mostly the biggest dinosaurs. Henry and Charlotte wanted to know exactly how big, so we went outside to find out. We researched that the biggest dinosaur was the Argentinasaurus, a herbivore that grew to about 33m long. We spread all of us out in a long line and we were only about half as long as the Argentinasaurus would have been! They were enormous! We also discovered that small dinosaurs existed too, such as the Compsognathus, which was less than 1m long and looked a bit like a chicken. 

We continue with our topic over the next few weeks where we find out when and where dinosaurs lived, what happened to the dinosaurs and how we know they existed. Watch this space for more amazing facts and learning!

In English we have been reading the book 'Tom and the Island of Dinosaurs' by Ian Beck, making predictions each day as to what would happen next in the story. We have then written down our predictions. We have also made some beautiful artwork to retell the story and have started to innovate the original story by changing elements such as how Tom gets to the island and what he discovers on the island when he gets there. There has been some fantastic writing by everyone- well done.

A big well done to Sam and Etta who have brought in their fantastic homework project on their favourite dinosaur- they are brillaint! Well done. We can't wait to see everyone else's when you have finished them. 

Well done with all your hard work on your counting skills. We have been focusing on counting from 10-20 and correctly reading and writing our teen numbers.

Keep up the hard work- you are all superstars!

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